Friday, 6 July 2018

Boiler Control Parts | Accurate Ship Spares

Boiler Control Parts

Stockist and Supplier of New, Used and Reconditioned Machinery and its Spares.

We can supply a wide range of genuine machinery and spares in good & re-usable condition. Our source of procuring new and second-hand spare parts is the Alang ship breaking yard, one of the largest ship-breaking yards in the world. We ensure that supply is of best product by testing & overhauling our products.

We assure providing professional services, expertise, good co-operation for all times and support in our field.

We have available all types of Boiler Control Spares in stock.
We deal in NEW & USED products of boiler controls & Flame detector of different make.

Following items are awailable in stock:-

  1. LAL 2.25
  2. LAL 1.25
  3. LAL 3.25
  4. LAE 10
  5. RAR 6
  6. RAR 7
  7. RAR 9
  8. Sipart DR 20
  9. Sipart DR 21
  10. Sipart DR 24
  11. ROB50