Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Kidde Graviner Mk 7

Graviner MK 7

Details as per below:-

Graviner Mark 7

  1. Touch Screen Control Unit  Part No. 5386-k271 Qt. 
  2. Detector Head  Part No. 5386-k269 Qt.7
  3. Detector Cable 90 dgr Connector 3mtr Part No. 43682-k285-3.0 Qt. 
  4. Detector Cable 90 dgr Connector 7mtr Part No. 43682-k285-7.0 Qt. 3
  5. Detector Cable 90 dgr Connector 9mtr Part No. 43682-k285-9.0 Qt. 
  6. Control Unit with 10 Detector Part No. 53836-K270 Qt.
  7. Junction Box E15 Part No. 53566-114-02 Qt. 
  8. 24v DC Power socket with Cable Part No. 43682-k296 Qt. 

Condition: USED, In good working condition, installed just a year before on the ship.

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